CHIMNEYS CAPSChimneys caps, consisting of cap and crown, are made in pure aluminum, pure copper and pure brass.

They are available in sizes 8, 10, 12 and 13 cm, where the dimensions refer to the diameter of the stovepipe.

The different types of materials used, aluminum and more valuable metals such as brass and copper, make that the product can effectively adapt to every need and to any environment: in fact, the aesthetic effect of copper or brass in a fine environment is certainly considerable.

In any case, duration of the artifact is guaranteed because all materials employed are by their very nature immune to rust attacks.


Pure aluminium cm 8: ROA08

Pure aluminium cm 10: ROA10

Pure aluminium cm 12: ROA12

Pure aluminium cm 13: ROA13

Pure brass cm 8: ROO08

Pure brass cm 10: ROO10

Pure brass cm 12: ROO12

Pure brass cm 13: ROO13

Pure copper cm 8: ROR08

Pure copper cm 10: ROR10

Pure copper cm 12: ROR12

Pure copper cm 13: ROR13


Individually packaged